Garcinia Cambogia Select – Does This Supplement Really Work?

 Garcinia Cambogia Select – Does This Supplement Really Work?

How about a supplement that could help you burn fat without requiring that you starve yourself? A supplement that could give you full control over your appetite and inhibit the production of fat. There is one supplement that is claimed to offer that and it is called Garcinia Cambogia Select.

Garcinia Cambogia Select is a weight loss pill made from the extract of the fruit Garcinia Cambogia. It is believed to be safe and potent when it comes to increasing the speed at which users lose weight.


HealthBuy, the company behind the product has been around since 2002. It has progressively earned the trust of its consumers by supplying the market with different types of health and beauty products that have turned out to deliver as promised. For this article, we are only going to focus on Garcinia Cambogia Select and find out what to expect from it.

What Ingredients Are In Garcinia Cambogia Select?

Each capsules of this supplement contains exactly 500mg of 100% pure garcinia cambogia. In addition, there are traces of potassium and calcium included to facilitate absorption.

The thing about garcinia cambogia is that it contains hydroxycitric acid, a compound that has been shown through research to give users control over their appetite and at the same time reduce fat cells inside the body. In the case of the supplement Garcinia Cambogia Select, it has been enriched with 50% hydroxycitric acid (much higher than other similar supplements).

What Are The Claims About The Product?

According to the manufacturer of Garcinia Cambogia Select, any person that uses the product should start seeing his waist moving inward as the fat on his butt melt down and the thighs start having a better shape.

This may not be too farfetched since the results of the scientific study suggest that one can hope to lose weight 2 to 3 times faster.

How Many Bottles Of Garcinia Cambogia Select Do I Take To Lose Weight?

According to the Journal of International Medical Research, by taking 300 mg of Garcinia Cambogia for 12 weeks one could lose up to 3.5 kg. It just happens that each bottle of Garcinia Cambogia Select contains 90 capsules of 500 mg. That is more than enough to cover the 12 weeks. You should be fine with just one bottle.

Has Anyone Experienced Side Effects From Taking Garcinia Cambogia Select?

According to the study, after 12 weeks, there were no reports of any side effects. Maybe if you use the product for more than 12 weeks, you might experience digestive discomfort or nausea. If you are already on any medication, you might want to first consult a physician before trying the pill.

Final Verdict

If you consider trying any of the Garcinia based products out there, why not start with Garcinia Cambogia Select. If you are not happy with that, you can try something else. Chances are you are going to be happy with it though.


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