HCG Diet Plan

What is the HCG Diet?Lose Weight Fast with HCG Drops Direct

The HCG diet is a revolutionary way to lose weight–and keep it off! Originally developed in the 1950s by Dr. A.T.W. Simeons, the HCG diet is based on combining two important elements:

  1. Science that combines the body’s natural process of removing and burning stored fat
  2. A carefully designed low-calorie diet protocol that maximizes weight loss

Naturally Burn Fat

The HCG diet is based on using natural hormones to trigger the system of releasing stored fat. In his research, Dr. Simeons discovered pregnant women release a hormone which causes the body to rely on stored fat for energy instead of packing more fat away. By harnessing this hormone, Dr. Simeons learned, even people who weren’t pregnant–including men–were able to release fat that had been stored for years leading to rapid, effective and safe weight loss.Lose Weight Fast with HCG Drops Direct

The HCG Diet Protocol: Natural Key to Power

The HCG hormone only unleashes its full power when dieters stick with a very specific low-calorie diet protocol. The scientifically selected foods work with your body to encourage healthy calorie intake and release stored fat. This is part of what makes the HCG diet so effective in helping users lose weight with INCREDIBLE speed.

Benefits of the HCG Diet

Why would someone choose the HCG diet instead of trying another diet program?

There are several benefits:

  1. DAILY Results
  2. NATURAL fat burning
  3. INCREASED metabolism
  4. SUPPRESSED appetiteGeneric Medicines





Lose Weight Fast with HCG Drops Direct